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  • Katie Glenn

Hey Coach! Look at me!

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Ever feel like you've gone through another #mastersswimpractice and no one was watching? Your #mastersswimming coach is there to help you become a faster, better swimmer. Engage with your coach and ask them to look at your stroke and give tips where you can improve.

Masters swimmers focus solely on getting in yardage during a workout while ignoring their technique. Ask your coach to give you 2-3 things to focus on improving (for example: body position, good catch on freestyle, or where you are breathing).

Be patient! Incorporating a big change in your technique can take 9 months or more to really master and incorporate effectively! The best time to focus on a new technique or change to your stroke is during warm up or transition sets early in the practice because you are fresh and more aware of your body.

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